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SEO is the first and most important part of site ranking. We’re going to look at some easy things you can do start own website’s SEO on the right foot.

Best SEO tutorial for beginnersa

This SEO tutorial designed for beginners and professionals. Before learning SEO tutorial for beginners you must have the basic knowledge of SEO.

§  Learn Before To Know About SEO
§  How SEO Works?

In this SEO tutorial, we will be looking specifically at SEO and some of the most effective ways to increase your site rankings on search engines.

Are you ready to learn SEO tutorial for beginners?
Included in This SEO tutorial:

1.        On-Page SEO
2.        Off-Page SEO
3.        Black-Hat SEO
4.        White-Hat SEO
5.        Gray-Hat SEO
6.        WordPress SEO
7.        Blogger SEO
8.        Mobile SEO
9.        YouTube SEO
10.   Local SEO

Let’s Get Into The More Details.

1.       On-Page SEO

On-page SEO technique is the first step of SEO as well as very important part. If you want the highest rank in search engine some of the most important elements for SEO happen on your own website.

On-page is one of the most important steps you can take to maximize results and building your website to be search engine friendly.

§  Common On-Page SEO Mistakes For Beginners
§  Top 10 On-Page SEO Tips

Basic on-page SEO techniques will guarantee that your website is in best look but that’s not the end of the optimization process. There are more many steps to improve search engine rankings.

2.       Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is one of the most important steps you can use, not only for achieving best rankings but also for running successful online marketing campaigns.

Off-page SEO will help make your website popular in search engine results. It’s very simple and interesting part; Off-page SEO is a combination of a lot of factors.

§  Off-Page SEO Mistakes For Beginners
§  10 Off-Page SEO Tips

There are more many steps to improve search engine ranking let’s dive into the details for read more off-page SEO technique.

3.       Black-Hat SEO

Google allows some SEO technique and some are not allowed some people are not following the rule and guidelines by Google. Doing this type of SEO is known as Black Hat SEO, It’s very risky kind of SEO.

§  Black Hat SEO Mistakes For Beginners
§  How To Avoid Black-Hat SEO

Black Hat refers to SEO techniques and strategies used to get fast higher rankings and breaking search engine rules. If you are practiced black hat SEO, Google will not take time to disqualify your site.

4.       White-Hat SEO

White Hat SEO used to improve search engine ranking following all rules set by the search engine. It is the opposite of Black Hat SEO and approved by search engines.

§  White Hat SEO Mistakes For Beginners
§  Top 10 White Hat SEO Tips

White Hat is a positive kind of SEO; there are no chances of your site to get expired by Google. It refers to use of best practice methods to achieve high search engine rankings.

5.       Grey-Hat SEO

Grey Hat is kind of SEO which is a mixture of white hat and black hat SEO. This technique is used to improve website ranking with some legal methods.

§  Grey Hat SEO Mistakes For Beginners
§  Top 10 Grey Hat SEO Tips

Grey Hat SEO refers to a method that is not totally disapproved to use by the search engine, but still not considered white. There are certain chances of your site to get disqualified by Google.

6.       Wordpress SEO

Wordpress is the most SEO friendly CMS that powers 28% of the site around the world. Wordpress SEO is one of the most important factors for build your website visibility in search engine.

If you want to improve your Wordpress SEO, installing a good SEO Plugin is most important role; I personally prefer using all in one SEO pack and free Yoast SEO Plugin the most popular Plugin on Wordpress.

§  10 Best SEO Plugins For Wordpress
§  Best Ways To Boost Your Wordpress Site

Here are some of the related Wordpress SEO topics, which help you to increase your Wordpress blog. You Can Also Learn More About Wordpress SEO Tutorial.

7.       Blogger SEO

After making your blog you want that your blog must be popular, people can easily find your blog, Then You must know about SEO. You can also use top SEO tools to increase the search engine traffic.

To get more traffic to your BlogSpot blog from search engines organic traffic, you should optimize your BlogSpot blog for search engines. Without proper website optimization, we can’t get impressive traffic from search engine.

§  How To Optimize Blogger Blog
§  Top 10 Ways To Rank Your Blog

If you a need step by step Blogger SEO guide to increase a blog to search engine. You can refer below link to him/her: Blogger SEO Tutorial.

8.       Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is so important because it helps you get more traffic in the right place. Millions of users these days access the website using smartphones running on iOs, Android or windows.

Google’s mobile-first indexing of the website and 60% of searches coming from smartphones. Google announced that they will be rolling out a mobile-first index. Today, most online searches happen on mobile devices.

§  Common Mobile SEO Mistakes For Beginners
§  How To Mobile Optimize SEO

If you want to get more traffic from mobile SEO, I’ve got something special for you. Click on the link below to read the free Mobile SEO Tutorial.

9.       YouTube SEO

YouTube videos also need to be SEO optimized in order to get top ranking in search result. Ranking videos on YouTube search engine are very easy if you know what you are doing. 

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. With over a billion users, YouTube is a big source of traffic with almost limitless potential.

§  YouTube SEO Mistakes For Beginners
§  How To Increase YouTube Visitors

Here let’s look at some of the most important YouTube SEO tutorial, which helps you to get organic traffic to your videos.

10. Local SEO

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a site for searches based on a user’s location. It is very important for you to set up local SEO for your visitors to find you online.

§  Top 10 Local SEO Tips
§  Main Local SEO Factors

Google local search ranking main factors are Google my business, reviews, directories, mobile experience and speed optimization. Local SEO can help your business stand out in the SERPs.

So, If You Want To Increase More Traffic. You Can Also read our Top SEO Tips guide Check Out: Top SEO Tips tutorial.

§  The Best SEO Tools
§  Complete Online Marketing Guide


I hope in this guide best SEO tutorial for beginners has given you a better understanding on the topic of SEO.

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