How To Start A Blog In 2018 - Beginner’s Guide
How To Start A Blog In 2018 - Beginner’s Guide

How To Start A Blog In 2018 - Beginner’s Guide

how to start a blog
How to start a blog in 2018 step-by-step Guide
So you have a new business or just have something you want to say. Do you want to start a blog well? Are you looking for a complete guide step by step how to start a blog Beginner to advance?

How To Start A Blog In 2018 

Yes? Okay, you’re in the right place. If you’re new to blogging this guide really helps to you. In this guide, we will Discuss you the six main easy steps how to start a blog let’s follow this guide.
6 Easy Steps How to Start a Blog Today!

Here we will show you six easy steps you need to do in order to start a blog. So let’s follow this guide. In this tutorial we will cover: Before I get into the more details, I wanted to give you a quick overview of everything we are going to cover:

1.     Choose The Best Blogging Platform In 2018
2.     Choosing The Best Hosting Plan
3.     Pick The Best Domain Name
4.     Choose The Best Theme Your Blog
5.     Write The Best Blog Post
6.     Start Grow Your Blog

Let’s Get Started.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a type of website. It is a place to express your’ self to the world. The blog is a collection of content is organized repetitively. It’s a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject. A blog one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information blog can be easily started with service like:

·        WordPress
·        Blogger

Much more blogging platform

Blog a place to share your thoughts and your passions, there are the different type of blogs. A blog allows you to ideas, skills and share information to a large audience of people.

1.    Choose The Best Blogging Platform In 2018

To start a successful blog you’ll need to select the best blogging platform, the most common mistake for newbie blogger when starting a blog is select the wrong blogging platforms. If you’re serious about starting a blog, then do things the right way the first time. In this section, I will help you choose the best blogging platform in 2018.

There are different types of blogging platform but I use and highly recommended to you the world’s most popular blogging platforms Wordpress. Wordpress offers you ultimate customization easy to use options that are very beginner friendly. It’s most popular because of its flexibility and ease of use.

Here is some main reason why Wordpress is best:

·        It’s most popular platform.
·        It’s highly trusted and secure platform.
·        Customize and easy to use.
·        It’s used all around the world.

If you’ve searched for Wordpress, you might’ve noticed that there are two options and wordpress.orgUsing Wordpress it super easy to start a blog and best way to build your blog because it has many Plugins and functionality options.

2.    Choosing The Best Web Hosting Plan

Choosing a best hosting plan is one of the most important steps to starting a blog. After you’ve selected the best blogging platforms the next thing you need a best hosting plan. Choosing a best hosting plan for your blog can be a challenge. Now to the exciting part! Hosting is a service that allows organization when you make a site and wants to other people see it then you will need to best hosting service.

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies it’s used by millions of websites. We have a special deal with Bluehost you can get hosting plan. Special 35% off discount with Bluehost go to this link to receive a 35% discount off the monthly price and a free domain.

There are hundreds of different web hosting providers companies but I recommended to you top web hosting providers company for your blog.

3.    Pick The Best Domain Name

The next thing you need a domain name. You can’t start a blog without the best domain name. The domain name is basically the URL of your website. Where people find you the next thing you need the best domain name is an extremely important part.

Bluehost offers a free domain name when you register a hosting plan. So you can register your hosting and domain all the same time.

I also use and recommend GoDaddy. There is the biggest and most well-known company in the world. Special deals with Go Daddy 30% off discount go to this link to receive a 30% discount off the monthly price.

Choosing a good domain name you can find keywords with top keyword research tools is an extremely important part.

4.    Choose The Best Theme Your Blog

Choose the best theme your blog is a most important part in the building process because is the first impression that visitors have of your blog so having a professional design theme should be a top priority choose the best theme.

There’re a lot of high-quality free themes but don’t come with guaranteed
Support and updates free themes are a great starting point for a new blogger. You can choose to use free themes or go with premium themes.

So, after selecting the theme the next step to install Plugins you have to make a professional blog. I recommend these 10 Best Wordpress Plugins Use For Every Blog.

Premium themes are generally higher quality offer guaranteed 1-year support an updates perfect themes to fit your chosen niche. There’re numerous places online where you can download the best themes. All of these themes come with unlimited support-essential when you’re starting a blog.

5.    Write The Best Blog Post

After you’ve set up a blog you’ll need to start a writing blog post. A post is the main content of your blog. In this section, I will cover all of the basics of writing and publishing blog content. Now we’re getting to the fun part!

Every post needs a call to action; the reader is ready to respond to do click to engage. If you scroll to the end of this post you’ll see an example of my call to action. It’s at the end of every article.

6.    Start Grow Your Blog

Creating a good design theme and upload the best post then you need more traffic and go to promote a website ranking is just the start. Here're Useful Tips The Best Way To Grow Your Website Ranking:

Social Marketing
Social marketing on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and other networks are still relatively cheap today as compared to Adword. 

Speed Up Your Website
A speed up your website convert better search engines is able to crawl your sites faster and find more content. 

Long Tail of Keywords
If you don’t have a very strong website, you can target long tail keywords.

Publish Fresh Content
Publishing some fresh new content every 2, 3 days might help to improve your website ranking steadily.

Build a Mailing List
A powerful mailing list enables you to reach a large relevant audience whenever you need to.

Mobile Optimization
Google started to penalize sites that are not mobile optimize by bumping down their Google search engine ranking.

Read Complete SEO Guide step-by-step For Beginners.

Are You Want To Start a Blog step-by-step in 2018?                              Go To Start a Blog


Done! How to start a blog enjoy it I hope this post how to start a blog is useful to you. If you liked this article then please don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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