15 Top High Pr Search Engines Submission Sites Submit Your Urls
15 Top High Pr Search Engines Submission Sites Submit Your Urls

15 Top High Pr Search Engines Submission Sites Submit Your Urls

 top search engines submission sites list
Top High PR Search Engine Submission Sites
Google is a most popular search engine in the online world with around 90% of the market share, Yahoo, and Bing. It’s a similar picture worldwide. Organic traffic is still the most valuable traffic in the online world. There is no doubt that search engines are the main and free source of organic traffic.

High Pr Search Engines Submission Sites 

Directory submission is a very popular SEO method because is the best way to get backlinks, everyone wants to increase visitors to their blog or website. So, search engines site play the best role in boosting the organic reach of their blog and website. Submitting your blog or website to search engine submission sites a powerful approach to SEO off-page activities to the improvement of search engine rank. In this article, I’m sharing a 10 top high PR search engine submission sites list to enable website owners to submit the URL of their websites.

What is search engine submission?

When you submit your blog or website directly to search engine, then it called the search engine submission. Search engine submission happens when you submit the URL of your website or blog to search engine for indexing and crawling. The search engine uses a web crawler or spider to crawl the web pages. It’s the main factor in a search engine when you submit your blog to a search engine, the search engine spiders discover your blog soon and make it visible.

Why Search Engine Submission?

Guys, search engine submission is most important for your website or blog it gives a do follow backlinks to your website. There’re lots of search engine available on the web, but few of them are most popular and are mostly used like: Yahoo, Bing, Google, and Yandex. 

Here’s a list of top 15 top Search engines submission sites list in 2018 for SEO to easily submit your blog directly.

1.     Google Webmaster

2.     Bing Webmaster

3.     Yandex Webmaster

4.     Free Web Submission

5.     Entire Web

6.     Exact Seek

7.     DMoz

8.     Baidu

9.     Yahoo!

10. InfoTiger

11. Official


13.Gigs Blast



Use this best list of the high PR search engine submission sites to increase your organic traffic and backlinks. In case any of the above search engine submission sites are not working then just skip them and proceed with the rest.


I’ll strongly be recommended to you use this high PR search engine submission sites list these lists will help you to get more organic traffic from search engines other than Google. Submitting your blog or website URLs to search engine is extremely important activities to get your new website indexed and crawled.

Building backlinks using search engine submission is one of the fastest ways for improving your website or blog’s rank in search engine pages. I hope the list of 10 top high PR search engines submission sites has given you a better understanding on the topic of search engine submission. If you have any question to feel free to ask me via comments. If you enjoyed the guide, do share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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