7 Best Tips How to Get Adsense Approval Quickly - 2018
7 Best Tips How to Get Adsense Approval Quickly - 2018

7 Best Tips How to Get Adsense Approval Quickly - 2018

Adsense Approval Tips Get Approved Quickly
How to Get Adsense Approval Tips
Google Adsense is most popular and highest paying PPC ads networks. Almost every blogger uses ad units on its blog and sites. Google Adsense is the best option for publishers to make money through displaying ads on the blog. 

How to Get Adsense Approval Quickly

Google Adsense is a fantastic way to earn extra income. Do you have a blog or site and want to monetize it, and to make money with Google Adsense? You've come to the right place.  Adsense approval is a big headache for people for these days, it’s simple after understanding the Adsense policy it’s not much difficult.

In this article I’m going to tell you 7 Adsense approval tips for Adsense newbie, There’re many reasons that why Google is not giving them approval of Google Adsense.

Following This Tips and Guidelines Let’s Get Started!

1.    Good Navigation:

When it comes to blog navigation design I refer to the user-friendly as well as the mobile-friendly menu bar. Google loves user-friendly menu bar. Your site should be easy and simple navigation bar and proper categories.

2.    Google Analytics and Webmaster:

Your site must be indexed by search engines. Make sure to create webmaster account and submit your site to webmaster tools and make a proper sitemap and submit it to webmaster tools before applying for Google Adsense.  Adding analytic and webmaster code on your site is a trusted factor for the approval.

3.    Adult or illegal Content:

To get an Adsense account endorsement for adult or illegal site is nearly impossible.  Be careful with what type of content you publish. If you already have written about adult and illegal content then you’re not able to get the account approved.

4.    Alexa Ranking:

If you want to get your Adsense approval then improve your Alexa ranking to your blog or site. Alexa ranking is played most important role AdSense approval. Alexa ranking good for Google Adsense point of view. Sometimes Google does not ask for any traffic to give approval. But if you don’t have any traffic then how can you earn money from Google Adsense.

5.    Website Old:

Your blog or site must have to be 1-2 weeks old. If you live in Asia country then minimum 5-6-month-old site required.  Many people have to buy a domain name and then apply for Adsense approval but you can’t do the common mistake.

6.    Use Google:

Google Adsense supported language on your blog is most important for Google Adsense approval. Google Adsense supported 36 languages if you’re site or blog not supported Google language then you’re not able to get the account approved.

7.    Correct Information:

You must submit your correct detail contact number, full address, and postal address as well. If Google search that the entered detailed is wrong then you’ve no chance to Google Adsense approved.


In the end, I must say by following Adsense approval guidelines, you can get easily approved. If you’re a newbie to Google Adsense, you need to follow these tips, it will help you Adsense approval. Don’t ignore any point and share your view about this. I hope you liked Adsense approval tips.

If you’ve any question about this guide then Share your thoughts in the comment below. Hopefully, after getting Google Adsense approval tips, you’ll be approved now. Best of luck for your blogging life as well as if you want to apply Google Adsense then best wishes for that.

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