9 Best Blogspot Seo Tips Make Your Blog Searchable
9 Best Blogspot Seo Tips Make Your Blog Searchable

9 Best Blogspot Seo Tips Make Your Blog Searchable

Best Blogspot SEO Tips
BlogSpot SEO Tips
BlogSpot offers a great platform for bloggers is no doubt one of the excellent platforms for newbie bloggers to enter the world of blogging. It’s totally free and anybody to start up their own blog to do so without any pays. This service provided by Google for blogger.

Blogspot Seo Tips Make Your Blog Searchable

Without proper SEO optimization of your blog doesn’t get high ranking and online visibility in the search engine eyes. You just need to follow these SEO tips to improve SEO of your blog.

Here’re the following BlogSpot SEO tips to make your blog searchable. Do read if you want to improve your BlogSpot SEO. So, let’s start optimizing your blog for SEO tips strategies.

 #1 Post Permalinks

Permalink shows your blog URL is published the blog post permalinks is one of the excellent blogger search engine optimization strategies to increase the search traffic. By default, Blogspot post permalink is not optimized for search engines. It plays an excellent role in search engine ranking of your post.

#2 Image Optimize

When you upload an image to your blog is sure to include your best keywords in the file name and fill out the alt text field because search engines can’t read images, so you need to fill out the text field. As a professional blogger, you should be including keywords in your images.

#3 Custom Robots.txt

The blog custom robots.txt is most and important ranking factor SEO tool in blogger that you can use a robots.txt file to protect web pages from crawling by search engine bots. Here’s a sample code of robots.txt

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*
Allow: /

Sitemap: https://www.thebloggerthings.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated

#4 Improve Your Blog Speed

Blog speed is most important SEO optimization factor because if your blog takes more time to load, then visitors will go back and never come back again.  Google and other top search engines recommend you to design your blog to load as quickly as possible. If you want to see your blog on #1 of SERP then you should load less than 6 seconds in mobile devices.

#5 Heading Tags

Heading tag is really important from an SEO perspective. There’re 6 heading tags but H1 the most important one. By default Blogspot template uses H3 post titles,  H1 tags for the blog title and H2 for sidebar titles.

#6 Submit Sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file which contains the URLs of all your posts. You can easily create sitemap file first you can go XML sitemap generator website and past your blog URLs then get URLs Blog Sitemap code. Now you go to blog setting and paste XML code on search preference section.

#7 Custom Robots Header Tags

Blogger developer has introduced custom robots header tags to manage the search appearance of BlogSpot web pages like post pages, static pages and search pages that you can easily enable custom robots header tags. It’s easy to control these settings.

#8 Setup RSS Feed

Setup RSS feed is another best way to build an engaged audience for your blog is through email marketing. There’re many ways to subscribe to your blog nowadays, a lot of bloggers use RSS feed as a way to subscribe to a blog that you can easily setup RSS feed for your blog using Feed Burner.

#9 Optimized Comment Section

A comment section is that place where you interact with your visitors and blog comment system is a machine to generate natural keywords that rank and drive organic traffic. By default commenting system of Blogspot blogs is not user-friendly.


In this post I have mentioned the most common SEO tips for BlogSpot blogs, if you want to get more visitors from a search engine then you’ve to optimize your blog for search engine. I hope these SEO tips will help you to get more visitors from search engines.

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