Top 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Mostly Beginners Make
Top 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Mostly Beginners Make

Top 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Mostly Beginners Make

10 Common SEO Mistakes Mostly Beginners
10 Most Common SEO Mistakes For Beginners
Good Optimize your site SEO is most important if you want to run a successful site or blog. If you’re a beginner so, you’ve come to the right place. This guide helps you to increase your site’s organic traffic and ranking.

10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Mostly Beginners Make

In this post, I’m going to share you 10 most common SEO mistakes most beginners make that can help you increase your website ranking if you avoid these 10 mistakes. I sure you can improve your blog traffic and ranking.

Here’s a list of 10 most common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid. So Let’s Get Started!

1.    Choosing Keywords

Choosing the wrong keywords is one of the most common mistakes make beginners.  I used and recommend Using this tools like Google AdWords keyword planner, SEMrush, Google Trends and long tail keyword pro that can help you’ll find the high ranking keywords.

2.    Keyword Stuffing

Most of the blogger especially beginner ignore it and make mistakes with keyword stuffing part. If you repeating any targeted keywords again and again in your content for more than their density, then Google will penalize your site and lower you’re ranking.

3.    Broken Links

Broken links are important for search engine ranking. Search engine crawler crawls and indexes all these links and all other pages which are point your links. If you’re not focusing much on broken links you’re just ruining your site’s ranking by your own.

4.    Non-Responsive Site Design

So if you want to get lots of visitors which can be driven from Google, you have to use the responsive site. Google has announced back in 2016 that they’ve started experimenting with making their index responsive devices first. If your site is responsive mobile friendly, then you’re best. If it doesn’t then it's timed for a web redesign.

5.    Not Use Alt Tags to images

Images are an important role play in ranking factor of a blog because 45% of visitors come from images. Using images in your post can be best for readers. The search engine can’t understand what the image is about? This is the step where the use alt tag option and let crawler know what the image is about.

6.    Non-Using Anchor Text

Anchor text is simply the text inside the link. Using anchor text is the best way to increase your site ranking but many newbie bloggers leave this and not put in their post.

7.    Bed Page Load Times

The most common big mistake I’ve noticed mostly beginner bloggers is not focused page load times. I tell you that Google and other search engines love the site load times. If your blog load time bed then using tools like page speed insights, GTmetrix and see where your site is getting down.

8.    Creating Low-Quality Content

Creating low-quality content is the biggest mistake you know content is king, if you write high-quality content then Google your site or blog fast rank in search engine. I tell you that Google and other search engines love the high-quality content. If you write high-quality content then Google your site rank fast in SERP’s. Your site content should be the high length and correctly optimized.

9.    Not Making 404 Page

404 Page it’s important in SEO. When people come to your blog and click any of the links, but behind that link, no page exists. Then you can easily use 404 pages that redirect your people go back to your homepage.

10.          Title Tags and Description

No matter what you’re writing. If you don’t write good title and description first, you can’t rank for it. Write your title and descriptions does not finish once you include a keyword in your title and description. Title and description actually define the search engine, what your article is actually about.

Final Thoughts

I hope you liked this guide and it helped you with common SEO mistakes most beginners make. So, these SEO mistakes that are very important especially for beginners. If you want to learn more about SEO guide you can leave a comment below.

You’ve any question about this guide 10 most common SEO mistakes most beginners make, Share your thoughts in the comment below. If you enjoyed the guide, do share it on Facebook, Twitter, and your blogger friends.

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