7 Secrets To Know Before Applying For Adsense Get Fast Approval
7 Secrets To Know Before Applying For Adsense Get Fast Approval

7 Secrets To Know Before Applying For Adsense Get Fast Approval

7 Secrets to Know Before Applying For Adsense
Secrets To Know Before Adsense Apply
Google Adsense is one of the top ads networks to offer ad publishing and high-paying CPC network. A lot of bloggers is satisfied with this Adsense service and they are earning some handsome money. I know you want to earn money with Google Adsense right?

Secrets To Know Before Applying For Adsense

So, you want to apply for Google Adsense to earn money from your website? Okay, in this article I’m going to share with you 7 secrets to know before applying Adsense and get fast approval. A lot of peoples is facing issues in getting Adsense approved.

It’s not an easy task to get Adsense approval nowadays. You’ve to follow 7 secrets to know before applying for Adsense if you apply there 7 secrets to approve Adsense easily…

1.    Write High-Quality Content:

Do you know content is king for a website? Write high-quality unique content on your blog if your blog has duplicate content then your application gets rejected because Google loves high-quality unique content. It also helps to drive organic traffic from search engines.

Maybe you do not agree with me on this point, a lot of bloggers having more 40 posts but they can’t get Adsense but my experience before you applying Adsense maintain at least 20-30 post minimum otherwise maybe your application will be rejected reason as insufficient content. I would recommend applying for Adsense after your website has 20-30 post.

2.    Create Privacy, about, contact us page:

There’re three pages are very important to get Adsense approval. Create privacy page is also important for your blog, this is also a requirement for Adsense approval. About us page for your blog as its necessary part to get the approval of Adsense. Contact us page telling Google that you care about your visitors. So you must create privacy, about and contact us page on your website before applying Adsense. 

3.    Improve Site Design

It’s very important to step, make sure your site design clean and professional which should be very easy to understand for visitors. A lot of bloggers don’t care too much but believe me it’s very important to point, If your blog design is not user-friendly and is not good then also your blog Adsense account will be rejected. So you need to keep your blog easy, clean and user-friendly.

4.    Check Your Traffic Sources:

A lot of bloggers consider that traffic doesn’t matter, no guys traffic matter much, If your blog is getting organic traffic 70% visitor per day from Google search engine the chance are very high that your blog will be approved for Google Adsense.

5.    Use top-level domain Like .com

Buy top-level domain a reputable web hosting provider company like Godaddy, Hostgator and Bluehost. If you will have a custom domain like thebloggerthings.com believe me, it will make Adsense approval fast and easier.

6.    Remove Other Ad Networks

If you’re using other ads networks like Chitika, media.net or any things then I suggest you remove these ads before applying Google Adsense.

7.    Name, Email, Age Verification

Before you submit your Adsense application make sure that your name, email, and age is correct because after submitting your Adsense application your data can’t be changed. So if you will adopt this secret I can assure you, you’ll defiantly approve by Google Adsense.

8.    No Adult Content

So, make sure with what type of content you’re publishing, some common content types that are not accepted by Google Adsense like Pornography, hacking or any other illegal stuff is strictly against Google Adsense policies you’ll never get approval for Google Adsense by an adult site.

Final Thoughts

These are most essential and important things to know before applying Adsense, if you follow these guidelines, it will help to get Adsense approval fast. Don’t ignore any point and share your view about this.

I hope you liked Google Adsense guide if you want to learn more about Adsense, make money so you can leave a comment below. If you ’ve any question about this guide then Share your thoughts in the comment below.

Best of luck for your blogging life as well as if you want to apply Google Adsense then best wishes for that.

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